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Left tabRAILWAY BYLINES INDEX TO VOLUME 4 1998-1999Right tab






For the sake of completeness, articles which appeared in the Railway Bylines Annual No.2

and the Railway Bylines Summer Special No.2 are included in the index;

'A' denotes Annual and 'S' denotes Summer Special

Items prefixed 'L' are readers' letters

Aberdeen harbour 168, L-289/389

Agecroft power station L-141

Allhallows branch 468, L-584

Armoured train 500

'Austerity' rebuilds 508

Auto workings in the Tondu Valleys 78, L-191/338

Avonmouth Docks L-96

Bardon Mill Colliery 178, L-289

Barony Colliery 90, L-288

Belvoir Junction A-47

Bersham Colliery 314, L-487, 516

Berwickshire Railway 379

Bitton 459

Bournemouth area push-pulls 60

BP&GVR loco 243

BR diesel railbuses S-86

Bridgwater Docks 294, L-486

Bristol Fashion 410, L-584

Broome (Central Wales Line) 1

Butterknowle branch 308, L-583

Buttermere & Westmoreland Slate Co 111

Camerton branch 530

'Campbell Steamers' S-96

Campbeltown & Machrihanish 415, L-584

Castle Donington power station 140

'Cecil Raikes' 64, L-191

Cheddleton Hospital railway 362, L-487

City of London steam 166, L-338

Coalport branch 214, L-339

Colonel Stephens's Coal Engines 478, L-585

Cowdenbeath Central Workshops 356, L-583

Cromer High station 506

Deeley 0-4-0Ts 422, L-584

Departmental no.32 23

Dinorwic Quarries 194, 287, L-389

DMU on way to Dowlais 95

Dorman-engined locos L-142

Dowlais Ironworks locos A-62

Doxford Crane Tanks 112

East Anglian railbuses S-86

East Greenwich gas works L-142/191

East Kent Railway L-46

Eclipse L-440

Emley Moor and Park Mill Collieries A-32

Falmouth Docks L-47

Felixstowe Beach station A-73

Fintona horse tram 393, L-535

Fireless locomotives 158, L-289/390

Fison's, Swinefleet A-96

Fulwell Quarries 332

George Jennings, Parkstone 49, A-54

GER 0-6-0Ts in Scotland L-96/141

GER Departmental loco No.32 23

Giesl exhausts L-141/239/288

Glyn Valley Tramway 75

Grimsby & Immingham L-96/141/239/340

Gun train at Shoeburyness 500

Gurnos and Upper Bank sheds 256, L-439

GWR halts in North Wales 370, L-487

GWR No.2165 (ex-BP&GVR) 243

Hadham, Herts. 120

Haggerleazes branch 308, L-583

Hallatrow-Limpley Stoke 530

Hams Hall power station 430, L-583

Hamworthy branch 380, L-487/535

Harlaxton Quarries L-96

Harton Staiths 283

Haydock Park bridge 177

Holyhead Breakwater Railway 520

Horse shunting at Louth L-46

Horse-worked small mines 388

Hudswell Clarke locos 408

Industrials in North Kent A-90

Industrial steam and BR diesel S-32

Irish railbuses 264, L-439

Iron Acton 459

Isle of Man 462

Isle of Wight A-66

Kearsley power station 226, L-389

Kent & East Sussex in 1930s/40s 38, L-141/191

Kerr Stuart 'Victory' class L-191/338

Kettering shed 193

Killin branch 442

Kilmersdon Colliery L-47

Kingsferry Bridge 255, L-486

Kirkcudbright Branch 98, L-338

L&NWR 'Coal Engines' 478

L&SWR B4 0-4-0Ts 490

L&Y Pugs 34, L-47/191/288/338

Launceston 146, L-339

Leicester power station 244, L-439, S-34

Ley's of Derby 190

Limpley Stoke-Hallatrow 530

Liskeard-Looe S-4

LM road vehicles 306, L-440

LM shunting tractors 307, L-440

LMS 2-6-4Ts 361

LMS Sentinel locos and railcars A-74

LNER Bridge No.15 177

LNER Departmental loco No.32 23

Louth - horse shunting L-46

Lowestoft Sleeper Depot L-141

Lydney shed 343

Lymington, Hants. 238

M&SWJ 2-4-0s S-74

Marine Colliery loco 460

Middleton-in-Teesdale branch A-4

Midland branches near Bristol 459

Midland Railway Deeley 0-4-0Ts 422, L-584

Military Railways in Lincolnshire S-64

Monkton Combe (Somerset) 530

Moor Row shed 2, L-191

Moorswater 421, 441, L-584

Morfa Mawddach S-3

Motor Rail diesels L-142

'Mystery stations' 515

Narrow gauge Sentinel locos 14, L-288

Narrow gauge wagon tipplers 184, L-289

NBR inspection saloon 323, L-486/583

Newport Docks 130, L-239/389

North Bierley sewage works A-68

North Kent industrials A-90

North London 0-6-0Ts 66, L-191/288/389

North London Crane Tank L-96

North Staffs battery loco L-46/141

North Wales narrow gauge A-26

Norton Hill Colliery 372

Nutbourne brick works S-58

O1s on East Kent Coal L-46

Palace Gates shed 208, L-389/486

Park Mill Colliery A-32

Peckett & Sons S-40

Pentewan Tramway 502

Poole Harbour branch 380, L-487/535

Preston Docks 50

Prince of Wales Colliery 470, L-584

Provan gas works L-96

'Push-Pull Link' (the) 60

Queen Alexandra Bridge, Sunderland S-63

Radstock GWR 210

Rawnsley Colliery 234, L-339/389/439

Rotherham Power Station 24

St.Edward's Hospital railway 362, L-487

St.Ives branch 343, 485, L-535/583

Sentinel locos and railcars A-74

Sentinel n.g. locomotives 14, L-288

Sharpness and the Severn Bridge L-191

Shotton Colliery 416, L-536/584

Shropshire & Montgomeryshire 478, A-60

South Wales industrials 157

Southern departmental locos 272, L-389/438/486/487/585

Southern Railway 'Austerity' S-82

Southern signal boxes 88

Steam railcars L-46

Sunderland 454, S-63

Swale lift bridge ` 255, L-486

Swansea Docks 32, L-191

Tavistock branch 207

Tees Valley Railway A-4

Teign Valley branch 118

Teignmouth shunting tractor 293, L-439

Thame-side industrials A-90

Thaxted 284, L-390

'The Elephant' 293, L-439

The South Western Pottery A-54

Tilbury Tank in Rutland 330

Tondu Valleys 78, L-191, L-338

Unusual railway crossings 438

Upper Bank shed 256, L-439

Uppingham 330

Vale of Rheidol in the 1950s 324, L-535

Victoria Wharf, Plymouth 97, L-338

Welshpool & Llanfair locos 124, L-288/536

Wemyss Private Railway wagons 528

Westleigh Quarries 182

Weymouth A-30

Whatley Quarry line 132, L-288

Whithorn branch 394, L-535

Whittle Colliery 266

Wickham Trolley 145

Wigtownshire Railway 394, L-535

Willey Crossing (Rugby-Leicester) 13, L-191

Wimbledon-West Croydon L-288/390

Winsford branches L-142

WR 'Tunnel Inspection' unit 489


pp.1-48….4:1(December 1998)

pp.49-96….4:2 (January 1999)

pp.97-144….4:3 (February 1999)

pp.145-192….4:4 (March 1999)

pp.193-242….4:5 (April 1999)

pp.243-292….4:6 (May 1999)

pp.293-342….4:7 (June 1999)

pp.343-392….4:8 (July 1999)

pp.393-440….4:9 (August 1999)

pp.441-488….4:10 (September 1999)

pp.489-536….4:11 (October 1999)

pp.537-586….4:12 (November 1999)